What is a Food and Beverage Manager?

This position is often discussed on hospitality management circles. But, What is a Food and Beverage Manager?

This is a representative of a hospitality service organization in charge of representing the company in the best possible light. He or she is responsible for ensuring food quality and safety, as well as making sure guests are satisfied with the end results.

An individual filling this role will take on many different roles and tasks. Among those tasks are ensuring the food quality, by inspecting orders as they arrive and ensuring they meet the organization’s expectations. This manager makes many of the food purchasing decisions, hires restaurant and kitchen staff, makes decisions about menu offerings, and ensures staff are trained properly.

In addition to making sure things run smoothly, the manager must be concerned with health and safety regulations, costs and profit. He or she
will set standards for cleanliness of the kitchen, the dining room, and of the work performed by kitchen employees. Regular schedules for cleaning the kitchen, cleaning out refrigerators and freezers, and upkeep in the dining area are all details the supervisor is responsible for. Health and safe regulations will require documentation of when certain types of equipment are maintained and how staff are expected to prevent food borne illnesses, while preparing and handling food.

The goal of every food service business, whether a franchise, a privately owned establishment, or a dining room in a luxury hotel, is to make money. The restaurant manager helps the organization achieve profitability, by identifying areas to cut down on waste, by comparing costs of suppliers products, by establishing protocols to improve efficiency of staff, and by carefully watching how the budget is utilized for supplies and for promotions activities. He or she will often work closely with marketing staff, to determine the image and message the restaurant wants to portray to the public. Keeping guests coming back is the ultimate goal of a successful food establishment.

What are the Requirements to fill this position?

The restaurant or kitchen manager should have some background in food service, especially in areas such as maintaining a safe kitchen, working with and training kitchen staff, purchasing, and some marketing experience. However, many restaurant owners today expect the restaurant manager to have a four year degree or a degree from a hospitality management education program. A program that includes hands on training is preferred. Even with such a background, a franchise may require the new hire to attend kitchen management training, to learn how the company expects things to run.

What is the salary of such a manager?

The salary of a kitchen manager will depend on the size of the organization, the number of people served, the number of staff, and the region where the restaurant is located. In 2010, the average hourly wage for the position was just over $23 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is the equivalent of roughly $48,000 per year. To some extent, this will be based on the level of experience and education the individual possesses.


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