What are common types of the hospitality jobs

One of the main goals of the hospitality service is to provide people with great customer service. What are common types of the hospitality jobs in which this is necessary? Well, truth be told, there are a lot of different types of positions available. These positions are oftentimes found within hotels, restaurants, vacation destinations, and event planning services. Anyone who enjoys working with customers and being a part of the travel, tourism, and leisure activity market may discover that one of these jobs is “perfect” for them.

Choosing a Career
Choosing a Career

Hotel Jobs

One of the best places in which to find these jobs is the hotel industry. They will typically understand that it doesn’t matter how great their furnishings are, without an efficient, friendly staff, they aren’t going to be successful. As such, there are many different roles that need to be filled in hotels today, including those doing domestic work (i.e. housekeeping, concierge, receptionist) and those that are for people with more specialized skills (i.e. pool lifeguards, bartenders, daycare givers). If a hotel is located in either a good tourism or business market, you’re sure to find that they always have jobs available.

Restaurant Jobs

Restaurants are another great place to find a lot of hospitality related positions. Whenever a guest walks through their front door the restaurant needs to have a great greeter or hostess in place to set a friendly tone. From there, it’s important to have a good waiter or waitress interact with them throughout the meal while being polite and ready to help in any way. Fine dining restaurants are also in need of sommeliers, which is a wine expert who is able to recommend pairings, give details about the wine and even tell patrons about its history.

Tourism Jobs

Areas wherein there are a lot of tourists will have many jobs of various descriptions. If there are a lot of natural features within an area, then there will need to be experienced guides who can give tours, telling people about these natural wonders. On the other hand, theme parks have hundreds of different jobs available (everything from selling popcorn to dressing up like a cartoon character). Then there are also areas with casinos where everything from VIP concierge agents to dealers are needed.

Event Planning Jobs

Another major area in which there are a lot of jobs available is planning for events. Herein you can find jobs at catering companies, florists and even DJ services. You can also become either a party or a wedding planner. Entry-level jobs are available herein as well.


You may need to look at help wanted ads, both in the newspaper and online, and canvas local hospitality-based businesses (i.e. hotels) to find the right job for you. Of course, if you’re more interested in finding a travel oriented position or a job that requires special skills, the Internet is going to be the best place to search. If you do go online in search of a hospitality job, make sure to check the company’s main website too since they will oftentimes post job listings there as well.