Understanding the Job of a Bar Manager

It is extremely easy to understand the role of a bar manager because the name says it all! A bar manager is a person whose job is to manage a bar. Thus, the individual is required to direct, control and plan the activities of the bar in question. Bar manager duties entail supervising and directing the employees in the bar to ensure that the day-to-day duties and operational activities of bar are carried out flawlessly. This is a job that is meant for a people person or in other words, outgoing people who love to interact and talk! A bar manager should ideally be energetic and bubbly while having a knowledge of the bar culture and trends.

One of the top reasons that attract people to this role is the workplace. A bar is a vibrant workplace and it has a fast-paced environment, therefore it is not the usual ‘boring’ office. The ultimate goal of such a professional is to keep the customers happy and enable them to have a good time so that they would keep buying drinks. Running the bar without a hitch is definitely a task that is easier said than done, therefore the role of bar manager is not a cakewalk. The individual has to shoulder huge responsibilities like managing stock levels and staff rotas.

One of the first and foremost duties of a bar manager is to schedule waiters. This is a task which is easier said than done because it has to be done according to the level of customer demand. This task calls for forecasting the daily flow of customers and adjusting the number of staff for each shifts. For instance, during the weekends, the customer count is definitely going to experience a surge while the count will decline naturally during weekdays. Thus, the bar manager should be able to gauge the requirement in order to ensure that there is adequate waiters to look to the needs of the customers.

Just like scheduling the staffs, the bar manager is required to engage in inventory control too. To do this, he/she has to allocate inventory management duties to storekeepers. Tracking of sales of drinks is also required to be carried out, this includes cocktails, wines, spirits, beers and so on. By doing this, the bar manager would be capable of monitoring the movement of inventory from the store to the bar while also having a knowledge about the sales figure.

Bar managers are also generally required to look over the cleaning tasks to make sure that the bar is spic and span at all times! Cleanliness is the epitome in case of bar business, after all, nobody like to go to dirty bar, which is why the bar-manager has to schedule employees to clean the floors and furniture, wash glasses and utensils and so on. Having a duty roster definitely helps here but it is also necessary for the bar manager to personally overlook all the staffs’ duties to make sure that they are carrying out their routine responsibilities well.