Pastry Chef Job Description Overview

If you love sweets and love baking, becoming a pastry chef will be an enjoyable experience for you. However, please note that this job requires you to be an early bird, as you have to work in the wee hours of the morning to get your orders done. The good thing is that you usually finish before lunchtime.

Pastry Chef Job Description

A pastry chef, otherwise called a patissier, can find employment in a variety of settings. Hotels, restaurants, casinos and bistros are always on the lookout for new talented employees. If you have the funds, you may choose to set up shop on your own or with a partner. However, if you choose to do so, you have to spend extra time trying to get your shop as much attention as you can. Luckily, as a home-based company, you have the option to work in your own residence. Even so, please keep in mind that you have to invest in various appliances if you want to work freelance.

You might think that as a patissier, you will have to deal with set recipes, which you can mix and match. It isn’t all about making simple fondant cupcakes, after all. Becoming a pastry chef is not an easy feat. Thus before undertaking this as a course, you might want to make certain that you can handle the mental and physical aspects of this profession.

Understanding Your Client’s Needs

You have to make concessions, like meeting with prospective clients at whatever time they prefer, even if you have just toiled to create 500 wedding cupcakes and a scrumptious cake to match. Aside from that, you have to stay on top of your game by perfecting new recipes for future clients to sample. Please note that should you attract fresh clientele; you may have to serve them samples free of charge so that they can find one that goes best with their menu for an event.

In this line of work, your client is always right. Thus, you may have to tweak your recipes by request, even if you think they are perfect as they are. A cake may not be moist enough. Your frosting may be too sweet or a muffin may be dry. The best thing to do is let your client have whatever he or she wants, as expanding your client list is more of a “word-of-mouth” basis in this demanding industry.

Becoming a patissier is a demanding profession. However, this job, as mentally and physically tiring as it may be, comes with so many benefits. Aside from finishing early, you get to enjoy the rush that comes when people compliment you on your creations. You also will feel a certain amount of pride by knowing that each carefully crafted pastry was nothing but raw ingredients, and that you are responsible for turning them into sinfully delicious creations with your skill. Therefore, if you think that you have the talent and the perseverance to become a renowned pastry chef, you should consider this as a profession.