Pastry Chef Career: What Is A Pastry Chef

Earning an average salary of $46, 000 a year, chefs make a good living. This makes culinary arts a great career choice for those who are interested in working in the said field. If you are planning on becoming a chef, there are different paths you can take. Being a baker or a patissier for example, is one option. But before you go ahead and enroll in a culinary academy of your choosing, you should learn first what a patissier is.

What is a Pastry Chef?

A station chef in the classic brigade de cuisine, a patissier works for the pastry department. He or she is an expert in making pastries or desserts.

Day-to-day operations for these chefs do not only include a lot of baking though because these station chefs also have to research certain recipes and also develop new concepts for the pastry department. Oftentimes, they have to update the dessert menu with new desserts they have conceptualized or invented. But apart from that, they also have to choose dessert wines and other dessert beverages in the menu.

Aside from the above responsibilities, a patissier also prepares various desserts ahead of time – sometimes even a day or more before these desserts are served.

Employment & Salary

Pastry station chefs are often employed in bistros, restaurants, hotels, cafes, and bakeries. While working in a kitchen is the usual career path, you can also put up your own business or teach.

While the average salary of a chef is around $46, 000 per annum as previously mentioned, patissiers often make $60, 000 and above per year.

Qualities of a Good Chef de Patisserie

To be successful in this career, there is a need to be detail oriented. Creating pastries require precision.

One also has to know that it is a difficult and demanding job. Being in this kind of job may require you to work as early as 3 am. The hours are also often long and you won’t have a chance to sit down while working. This is the reason why stamina and strength is needed in this field.

Being creative is also an important personal quality of anyone wanting to become a patissier. Often, there is a need to develop certain kinds of desserts for certain types of people or events. Some chefs even go as far as not making the same dessert twice.

Apart from the above, patience is also something you should have if you want to be successful in this field. Pastries often need a lot of preparation and waiting for certain ingredients to set can be quite taxing.

Understanding Your Craft

A good education in the culinary arts is required to become a pastry chef and from this education, you will have a full understanding of the science behind baking.

One must remember that food preparation is no easy feat. What you prepare will not only need to taste good but has to be safe for human consumption as well. A good understanding of chemistry, human physiology, and nutrition is also required.

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