How to Become a Hotel Manager

Becoming a hotel manager entails many duties because a hotel manager oversees everything that goes on inside a hotel; especially supervising employees and giving directions that pertain to daily operations of a hotel.

Small hotels that have minimal requirements; may only require a person with a high school diploma and some solid work experience in order to handle this kind of job. However, for a large hotel, a bachelor’s degree in hospitality is the standard requirement. For smaller hotels an associate degree or restaurant management certificate may be all that is needed.

It is important to note that most hotels promote from within. That is why the path to becoming a hotel manager begins working at the front desk or in customer relations. In addition, most hotels have a required internal training program that a person must go through. In most cases, this program lasts several weeks or months. The main purpose of this training program is to give a person general management experience in various areas of hotel work so that he or she understands every service aspect that employees engage in at the hotel.

The development of skills is also required in order for a person to become a hotel manager. Communication, leadership and interpersonal skills are also required for those seeking this position. In addition, developing strong customer skills are vitally important; as the job requires dealing with the public on a regular basis, day after day.

Hotel managers must also be highly organized and know how to solve problems; especially with facility and employee issues. Most importantly, communication skills are needed so that everyone; employees and customers are on the same page so that services are provided for smoothly and efficiently. Keep in mind that if you are promoted, you may be required to relocate for a few years; especially if you work for a hotel chain that has properties throughout the US and around the world.

There are five attributes a hotel manager should have in order to be successful such as being a team builder, a person who commands respect, a person who thinks outside the box, a person who is not troubled making decisions quickly and a person who can recruit and train others easily and effectively.

To become a hotel manager, a person also needs to be open to learning new things. Learning new things requires a good learning style. It is important, in order to succeed as a hotel manager, one must engage in hands on experience. In other words, it is important to learn while talking with others about managing a hotel.

Some may not know it but to be a hotel manager you need to be adept at delegating tasks to others. Delegating and being organized is important because of the various duties that have to be done such as scheduling, keeping track of staffing, employee needs, hotel reservations, guest needs and much more.

To conclude, how to become a hotel manager is not difficult; however, it does require obtaining certain educational requirements, seeking out a position in a hotel and being a highly organized and efficient person.

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