How and Where To find hospitality Jobs

Anyone who’s interested in working in the hospitality industry may find themselves wondering how and where to find hospitality jobs. This can be somewhat “difficult” because the positions will vary depending upon how much experience or education you may have. Nevertheless, there are some centralized sources that can be used to locate employers and job opportunities. It really is best to utilize a diverse job search strategy here.

Finding Hospitality  Jobs can be easy
Finding Hospitality Jobs can be easy

Before Getting Started

Prior to heading out, looking for a job, you should research the industry to see what type of job within the industry would be best for you (i.e. facilities management, food service, hotels and lodging). One of the best resources to help you here is the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor website. There you will be able to read about the industry and its various job titles while also looking at the historical salary trends.

Once you know for sure what you want to do, you should take some time to update your resume so that it reflects your interests. For instance, if it’s your goal to obtain a career within the food service sector of the hospitality industry, you’ll want to make sure that your resume contains an objective statement that clearly indicates your interest in obtaining such a position. Also, make sure to include any previous hospitality or service oriented jobs that you’ve held in the past on your resume.

Utilize the Internet

Take some time to do an online search for local jobs in the hospitality industry. Most major employment websites will feature a section just for these jobs whereby you select “hospitality” and the geographic location wherein you wish to work. You will also find hospitality-specific employment websites (i.e. that feature job listings in this same way. While looking through these websites, you should also take the time to open an account and upload your resume so that recruiters will be able to review it whenever they’re looking for candidates for any openings that they may have. It’s also a good idea to move beyond job hunting websites and actually look at hospitality companies’ websites. Most of them will also have information about any employment opportunities that they may have available. As you work your way through these websites, make a list of the companies to whom you have applied so that you can look into them a bit more and tailor your resume to best fit their needs whenever possible.

Look At Schools with Hospitality Programs

Another place in which to search for jobs are schools that offer hospitality courses and degrees. This works especially well for those who have already graduated from such a school. In either case, simply request information about job openings within the hospitality field. Some schools will even offer a workshop for those who are interested in having them help find them a job within this industry.

Join Professional Networks

Join a professional network (i.e. The American Culinary Federation for chefs and cooks) as they won’t only be able to help you with networking and finding jobs but many of them also offer advanced certifications within specialized areas. They will also offer workshops and resources.