Hotel General Manager Job Description

A hotel provides many types of services to its customers. Those services must be provided properly, timely and efficiently. A manager is needed to manage all those employees and hotel services. The hotel general manager job description includes many other duties and responsibilities. It is a senior position so the person is required to plan and implement new projects that help improve services.

A hotel manager at this position has two biggest responsibilities. The first is to make sure hotel customers receive excellent services. The second is to keep financial aspect of the hotel in good condition so that the venture remains profitable. Ensuring quality services to customers requires good management skill.

A hotel Manager Act as a Team Leader
Hotel manger

There are different types of vendors that supply a variety of products and services to a hotel. Finding the right supplier, negotiating the best deal and keeping a check on quality of delivered product or service are the responsibilities of the manager. It may look like there are too many responsibilities, especially if it is a large hotel. However, the job requires delegating the tasks to the right employees. It is not necessary for the manager to manage everything personally except when personal attention is needed.

The hotel manager must have excellent communication skill. The person has to instruct not only lower-level employees but also work as a bridge between those employees and the hotel owner. The hotel management must be kept in the loop about any major development. The professional is involved in all steps of hiring employees for the hotel. Once employees have been hired then the manager has to assign them their tasks. A big hotel has a large number of employees and the manager has to ensure every employee works efficiently. Once the employees are hired then they should work productively. Customers should never realize how much effort and preparation goes in the background to provide proper and timely services.

The management skill of the manager is tested highly in the financial field. There must be minimum wastage of resources. Available resources must be used optimally. The inventory must be maintained at the right level at all times. The manager has to regularly inspect different parts of the hotel. Maintaining high level of cleanliness is necessary, otherwise the health and safety grading of the hotel may be lowered by government authorities.

The manager must be able to motivate staff and ensure everyone works as a team. A hotel has to comply with various laws, rules and regulations. The manager must be aware of these laws. In such a large organization with so many employees, customers, suppliers and daily activities, difficult problems often come up without any prior warning. The manager should be able to handle any such adverse situation. Hotels are used as venues for parties, functions and conferences. These events require high level of coordination among hotel employees. There are lots of things that can go wrong. The general manager of the hotel has to ensure such events are held successfully without any problem and to the satisfaction of the event organizers.