Guide For Bar Manager Career

Anybody who has ever worked in hospitality will have wondered whether or not they should become a bar manager. After all, the role is better paid than wait staff jobs, right? While this is true, pub managers have to deal with a number of varied tasks. Before workers decide they want to train for this role, they should learn more about the job.

What is a Bar Manager?: A Typical Day in Bar Management

The main duty of a bar manager is to ensure that their customers and staff are happy. However, as with any role there is more to the job than others think. The following is a list of duties bar managers are expected to perform.

– Recruiting, training, motivating and disciplining staff.
– Performing regular stock-takes and making orders when the bar is running low on supplies.
– Dealing with deliveries.
– Keeping stock in good condition.
– Keeping an eye on and/or liaising with kitchen staff.
– Keeping up to date with legislation, health and safety guidelines and council bylaws.
– Keeping good records, adhering to budgets, managing cash flow and increasing profits.
– Dealing with customer and employee complaints.

The Pros and Cons of Working as a Bar Manager

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of pub management is working long unsociable hours. While the manager’s friends are out and about, he or she will be at work.

The upside is that the bar will eventually start to feel like home. As managers gets to know their staff and regular customers, they will build relationships. This makes the work atmosphere more inviting.

How to Become a Bar Manager

There are several skills that job applicants will need to be seriously considered for bar management jobs. Workers who have bar tending experienced will have an edge over their competition as they are already familiar with the ins and outs of running a bar.

Additionally, the applicant will need to be friendly, good with people, have a “can do” attitude and have a good personality. Bar managers deal with all kinds of people every day. They will be expected to know how to communicate with customers and/or staff in a way that gets the message across clearly.

In terms of qualifications, the manager will need to have whichever qualification their state or country requires them to have. Usually this includes some form of first aid training.

Managers will also be expected to know how to serve drinks and take orders. Although this is not a regular part of their job, sometimes they will need to cover for employees who are late or fail to show up for their shift.

It takes a special sort of person to run a bar. Bars are lively environments which often have a lot going on at the same time. A good bar manager will be able to look after everybody in the bar by making sure that everything runs smoothly. If all goes well, customers may come back at a later date with friends in tow.



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