Food and Beverage Manager Job Description and Salary

Food and beverage manager job description in any hospitality setting revolves around all the activities involved in the provision of food and beverages. The manager takes care of sourcing, purchase, preparation, and delivery food to the clients as per their order. In that light, it is mandatory for the manager to understand the various types of beverages and foods the restaurant offers.



The Requirements

To begin with, the managers must undergo intense and formal knowledge in the handling of food and drinks. The sensitivity of both drinks and food makes it necessary for restaurants to hire professional managers to ensure high standards, safety, and hygiene of the food on offer. Actually, most restaurants require their managers to go through extensive training programs whereby the managers integrate theoretical knowledge with practical application in a real kitchen setup. By doing so, managers can oversee the preparation of quality foods and beverages because they understand what the customers want.

Additional Skills

Apart from educational requirements, the managers should possess certain skills and competencies. Most importantly, the managers must have excellent public and customer service skills because they need to interact with clients frequently so that they can know what the clients want, listen to opinions from customers, and note the areas that need improvement.

The managers must also stay attentive at all times, so that they can attend to even minute details such as client orders, maintain standards, prices, and so forth. Other necessary requirements include leadership, management, organizational, speaking, as well a problem solving skills so that the directors can rest assured that with the manager around, everything will run smoothly in all departments.

The Salary

The income earned by managers depends on factors such as the size of the restaurant, the duties allocated to the manager, among others. Nevertheless, the average salary of such a manager comes to about 23.14 US dollars per hour translating to 48,130 US dollars annually. The pay could go up depending with seasons or the agreement made between the manager and the owner of the establishment.

The Future

Compared to other jobs in the hospitality sector, the number of management jobs of this nature may go down gradually. Currently, the trend in this industry seems to shift to classy fast food restaurants and such entities do not really need the services of these managers. Secondly, investors in the hospitality industry today do not seem eager to open new and large restaurants that mostly require managers meaning that in some years to come, the demand for jobs will overrun the jobs available. Overall, the manager’s job offers a great opportunity to people who love managing meals. Therefore, if you are passionate about being a manager in this sector, the opportunities are still available.