Characteristics of Quality Hospitality Degree Programs

Students who have a passion to pursue a degree in hospitality and have the self-discipline and ambition to take advantage of the opportunity provided by these programs can be very successful. There are two-year associate programs; four-year bachelors and graduate level programs for those interested in a service industry related career. A wealth of professional and management opportunities are available for individuals that complete a degree program related to the hospitality industries. Positions with food service, hotel and casinos, real estate, concierge, and travel are possible for those completing coursework.

In the competitive global economy pursuing career education in a specific field is a beneficial approach to improving the prospects of employment. The service industry has typically been a viable employment option in many geographic regions, but especially those with high rates of tourism. The best schools with successful graduates should be considered as one decides to pursue an education in this field. Selecting a degree program that fits with an aspiring professional interests and specialization will improved the chances of an ideal fit with student and institution.

Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration, the School of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University, and the University of Nevada Las Vegas William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration are consistently ranked among the best schools for hospitality degree. A hospitality degree program graduate’s ability to gain employment, access to alumni networks and positive global reputation are some characteristics of a quality program. Recent graduates from Cornell University’s program reported an employment rate of eighty-nine percent after graduation. Michigan State’s alumni network numbers over ten thousand and is represented in every segment of the hospitality industry. Over twenty-five percent of the students at UNLV’s Hotel Administration program come from outside of the United States. The alumni network for the institution is well over eleven thousand who maintain significant industry positions throughout the world.

The global nature of the hospitality industry dictates that some international experience will create a well-rounded professional and more attractive employment candidate. This international experience can be obtained through an entire program or a more brief study abroad program. Florida International University and the University of Houston and other quality degree programs provide these opportunities. FIU’s Chaplin School Hotel Management has a rigorous program of study for the students enrolled. All are required to work one thousand hours in the industry and also complete three hundred hours in an advanced internship. The Chaplin School touts a one hundred percent placement rate for its graduates. The U of H’s Conrad N. Hilton College offers several study abroad and international programs. The length of the programs offered through the Conrad H. Hilton College last from two weeks up to an entire semester, depending on your availability and interest.

The programs and institutions included in this article demonstrate several options for those seeking a degree in the hospitality field. However this list in not exhaustive of all the schools that offers hospitality programs. Several additional programs exist and finding the best option based on student need, finances, and desired professional outcome are available. Conducting a detailed search of the educational options will increase your prospects for success and program completion.