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Reading A Waiter Job Description

Jumping into a job without knowing what you are getting into is something that you should avoid making the mistake of whenever possible. If you have a very limited amount of knowledge of what is involved with a specific job, you may find it worth your while to look into the type of tasks that would be included within this job. Once you are in a position to understand the things that you will have to be able to do on a daily basis, it would be a lot easier for you to decide if this is something in line with what you have a desire to do in order to generate the funds needed to ensure that you are able to make a decent living. The waiter job description is going to including taking the order of guests, you will need to write down the specifics of what they want to eat. Also, this means that you will have to communicate specific directions to the cook when it comes to how easy person would like their meals prepared.

Waiters are the most active workers in a restaurant
Waiter Servings Shows the Qulaity

Once the food is ready, you would have to pick it up at the pass and bring it out to guests prior to placing it on the table for them to be able to enjoy. Additionally, you would have to invest your attention for the purpose of keeping drinks filled, making sure that they are enjoying the food and that everything is in line with the expectations they had upon walking into the restaurant.

Many times, waiters will be asked for suggestions from guests that have limited amounts of experience when it comes to the foods that are being served. A waiter that is interested in providing the best possible service should be friendly and accommodating at all times, you should have a great grasp of pairing options that people are going to find helpful. When you are able to bring all of these elements together in a manner that is professional, it helps to offer an all around appealing service that people are going to want to experience each time that they sit down to eat in the future. The key to being a great waiter would be small things like engaging guests in conversation, opening yourself to communication and simply going the extra mile in order to ensure that the guest does not have to worry about chasing after you in order to get another cup of ice water on a hot day. When you are quick to offer your knowledge and understanding of this menu, it is something that people are likely to have an appreciation for. All of these things contribution to doing a great job at offering a high quality experience to each guest that you come in contact with. Serving food could lead to some very large tips, but you simply need to know what you are expected to do and how you could go about doing these things in a professional and enjoyable manner.

Hotel General Manager Job Description

A hotel provides many types of services to its customers. Those services must be provided properly, timely and efficiently. A manager is needed to manage all those employees and hotel services. The hotel general manager job description includes many other duties and responsibilities. It is a senior position so the person is required to plan and implement new projects that help improve services.

A hotel manager at this position has two biggest responsibilities. The first is to make sure hotel customers receive excellent services. The second is to keep financial aspect of the hotel in good condition so that the venture remains profitable. Ensuring quality services to customers requires good management skill.

A hotel Manager Act as a Team Leader
Hotel manger

There are different types of vendors that supply a variety of products and services to a hotel. Finding the right supplier, negotiating the best deal and keeping a check on quality of delivered product or service are the responsibilities of the manager. It may look like there are too many responsibilities, especially if it is a large hotel. However, the job requires delegating the tasks to the right employees. It is not necessary for the manager to manage everything personally except when personal attention is needed.

The hotel manager must have excellent communication skill. The person has to instruct not only lower-level employees but also work as a bridge between those employees and the hotel owner. The hotel management must be kept in the loop about any major development. The professional is involved in all steps of hiring employees for the hotel. Once employees have been hired then the manager has to assign them their tasks. A big hotel has a large number of employees and the manager has to ensure every employee works efficiently. Once the employees are hired then they should work productively. Customers should never realize how much effort and preparation goes in the background to provide proper and timely services.

The management skill of the manager is tested highly in the financial field. There must be minimum wastage of resources. Available resources must be used optimally. The inventory must be maintained at the right level at all times. The manager has to regularly inspect different parts of the hotel. Maintaining high level of cleanliness is necessary, otherwise the health and safety grading of the hotel may be lowered by government authorities.

The manager must be able to motivate staff and ensure everyone works as a team. A hotel has to comply with various laws, rules and regulations. The manager must be aware of these laws. In such a large organization with so many employees, customers, suppliers and daily activities, difficult problems often come up without any prior warning. The manager should be able to handle any such adverse situation. Hotels are used as venues for parties, functions and conferences. These events require high level of coordination among hotel employees. There are lots of things that can go wrong. The general manager of the hotel has to ensure such events are held successfully without any problem and to the satisfaction of the event organizers.

Pastry Chef Job Description Overview

If you love sweets and love baking, becoming a pastry chef will be an enjoyable experience for you. However, please note that this job requires you to be an early bird, as you have to work in the wee hours of the morning to get your orders done. The good thing is that you usually finish before lunchtime.

Pastry Chef Job Description

A pastry chef, otherwise called a patissier, can find employment in a variety of settings. Hotels, restaurants, casinos and bistros are always on the lookout for new talented employees. If you have the funds, you may choose to set up shop on your own or with a partner. However, if you choose to do so, you have to spend extra time trying to get your shop as much attention as you can. Luckily, as a home-based company, you have the option to work in your own residence. Even so, please keep in mind that you have to invest in various appliances if you want to work freelance.

You might think that as a patissier, you will have to deal with set recipes, which you can mix and match. It isn’t all about making simple fondant cupcakes, after all. Becoming a pastry chef is not an easy feat. Thus before undertaking this as a course, you might want to make certain that you can handle the mental and physical aspects of this profession.

Understanding Your Client’s Needs

You have to make concessions, like meeting with prospective clients at whatever time they prefer, even if you have just toiled to create 500 wedding cupcakes and a scrumptious cake to match. Aside from that, you have to stay on top of your game by perfecting new recipes for future clients to sample. Please note that should you attract fresh clientele; you may have to serve them samples free of charge so that they can find one that goes best with their menu for an event.

In this line of work, your client is always right. Thus, you may have to tweak your recipes by request, even if you think they are perfect as they are. A cake may not be moist enough. Your frosting may be too sweet or a muffin may be dry. The best thing to do is let your client have whatever he or she wants, as expanding your client list is more of a “word-of-mouth” basis in this demanding industry.

Becoming a patissier is a demanding profession. However, this job, as mentally and physically tiring as it may be, comes with so many benefits. Aside from finishing early, you get to enjoy the rush that comes when people compliment you on your creations. You also will feel a certain amount of pride by knowing that each carefully crafted pastry was nothing but raw ingredients, and that you are responsible for turning them into sinfully delicious creations with your skill. Therefore, if you think that you have the talent and the perseverance to become a renowned pastry chef, you should consider this as a profession.

Executive Chef Job Description: An Exciting Career Choice

Becoming an executive chef can be a very rewarding and challenging career opportunity. Working in the back of the house as the head chef, you will have many responsibilities and creative talents. Working with a diverse and dynamic staff will be very exciting. In addition to training them on the many different culinary skills that it takes to work in a kitchen, as the working chef, you will be training kitchen staff on the menu that has been designed and approved for the property that you are managing. An executive chef job description is very diverse. You may be considered the commander in chief, kitchen manager and various other types of authoritative titles.

First Step

When taking on the role of the commander of the kitchen at a new property or an existing property, one of the first items on your agenda should be to ascertain your complete inventory. This inventory will include, but not be limited to, food items including staple items, all serving plates and utensils, all cooking utensils and equipment in the kitchen. You will also want to take a full inventory of the staff’s abilities and where they are presently assigned. It is important that, as the chef, you can recognize strengths and weaknesses in all of your staff and set them up to succeed in whatever area is not only needed but where that particular staff member enjoys working.

When considering all of your utensils, whether it be for the front or back of the house, you will want to determine how many seats or covers a particular property does during a given meal period. For example, do you have enough forks, spoons and knives? Is there enough plates, coffee cups and glasses?

It is also important to remember staffing requirements for each meal period. Normal kitchen operations will require you to have staffing in your main cooking line, pantry/cold line, prep and your dish area. When considering staffing and inventory of equipment and other items needed to operate any food and beverage property, you must consider the amount of business that you are expected to have throughout each day.

Food Cost and Menu Design

When considering engineering a menu for any property, it is important to consider the clientele and possibly the demographics and location. Considering these things will be vital to the type of menu that you will want to design on availability of products and how well they may be perceived by your customers.

Designing a menu has many considerations. It must be able to be executed and it should be products that are going to make the property a profit. Execution means the ability to deliver a finished plate to your servers in a timely manner to be presented to your customers.

When considering menu items, as the chef or kitchen manager, it is very important to consider availability and cost of every item on a plate. A simple statement, but very important is by putting seasonal berries on a menu, it gives the chef the flexibility to provide fresh seasonal fruit whereas if the menu stated strawberries and strawberries or unavailable or the cost has risen above the normal cost, this could result in an unhappy customer or you may be exceeding your food cost on a single item.

Understanding the Job of a Bar Manager

It is extremely easy to understand the role of a bar manager because the name says it all! A bar manager is a person whose job is to manage a bar. Thus, the individual is required to direct, control and plan the activities of the bar in question. Bar manager duties entail supervising and directing the employees in the bar to ensure that the day-to-day duties and operational activities of bar are carried out flawlessly. This is a job that is meant for a people person or in other words, outgoing people who love to interact and talk! A bar manager should ideally be energetic and bubbly while having a knowledge of the bar culture and trends.

One of the top reasons that attract people to this role is the workplace. A bar is a vibrant workplace and it has a fast-paced environment, therefore it is not the usual ‘boring’ office. The ultimate goal of such a professional is to keep the customers happy and enable them to have a good time so that they would keep buying drinks. Running the bar without a hitch is definitely a task that is easier said than done, therefore the role of bar manager is not a cakewalk. The individual has to shoulder huge responsibilities like managing stock levels and staff rotas.

One of the first and foremost duties of a bar manager is to schedule waiters. This is a task which is easier said than done because it has to be done according to the level of customer demand. This task calls for forecasting the daily flow of customers and adjusting the number of staff for each shifts. For instance, during the weekends, the customer count is definitely going to experience a surge while the count will decline naturally during weekdays. Thus, the bar manager should be able to gauge the requirement in order to ensure that there is adequate waiters to look to the needs of the customers.

Just like scheduling the staffs, the bar manager is required to engage in inventory control too. To do this, he/she has to allocate inventory management duties to storekeepers. Tracking of sales of drinks is also required to be carried out, this includes cocktails, wines, spirits, beers and so on. By doing this, the bar manager would be capable of monitoring the movement of inventory from the store to the bar while also having a knowledge about the sales figure.

Bar managers are also generally required to look over the cleaning tasks to make sure that the bar is spic and span at all times! Cleanliness is the epitome in case of bar business, after all, nobody like to go to dirty bar, which is why the bar-manager has to schedule employees to clean the floors and furniture, wash glasses and utensils and so on. Having a duty roster definitely helps here but it is also necessary for the bar manager to personally overlook all the staffs’ duties to make sure that they are carrying out their routine responsibilities well.

Catering Assistant Job Description is Simple

If you are searching for a great way that you can make a lot of money while enjoying what you do, you may consider becoming a helper to a caterer. Basically, this is someone who is going to help the caterer with minor things such as making sure that the food has been ordered. You will also assist customers with any questions that they may have.If a customer is wondering what a particular food is going to taste like, it would be your responsibility to allow them to sample a few different items.

Catering Assistants Can Mange  Better
Catering Assistants

You would be responsible for helping the caterer to put together a menu. This way, customers will be able to look at all of the available options so that they can decide what type of food they would like to serve at their event.

As the caterers assistant, it will be your responsibility to make sure that there is plenty of food available for everyone. If you notice that something is running low, you can bring more food from the kitchen as necessary. You will also want to make sure that there are plenty of drinks for everyone in attendance.

Many people will agree, a catering assistant job description comes with more responsibilities than the actual caterer has to do. The reason for this is because the caterer is the one who is bringing their good name to the show. Because they have made a name for themselves, their work is done. Even though you won’t get all of the credit for the event, you will take great pride in knowing that you are responsible for the majority of it.

If becoming an assistant to a catering professional is something that you are interested in learning more about, set up a meeting with a catering company to learn more. Usually, this is something that they will be happy to train you with. However, it will be your responsibility to obtain a food handlers permit. This way, you will know how to carefully handle food without putting others in danger.

Of course, you can’t just walk into a catering business and expect to get the job as the assistant. Instead, this is something that you are going to have to work up to. You will come into the company with less responsibility than some people who have worked there longer. Over a period of time, you will earn the respect of the caterer who will eventually make you their assistant if they see fit.

If you are someone who enjoys working with the public, an assistant to a caterer may be the perfect job for you. Meet with a catering company today to learn more about what would be expected of you. At this point, if this sounds like something that you would be interested in doing, make sure that you let them know of your eagerness. This way, they can interview you and hopefully hire you right away. You are going to love this new life that you are creating for yourself.