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How and Where To find hospitality Jobs

Anyone who’s interested in working in the hospitality industry may find themselves wondering how and where to find hospitality jobs. This can be somewhat “difficult” because the positions will vary depending upon how much experience or education you may have. Nevertheless, there are some centralized sources that can be used to locate employers and job opportunities. It really is best to utilize a diverse job search strategy here.

Finding Hospitality  Jobs can be easy
Finding Hospitality Jobs can be easy

Before Getting Started

Prior to heading out, looking for a job, you should research the industry to see what type of job within the industry would be best for you (i.e. facilities management, food service, hotels and lodging). One of the best resources to help you here is the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor website. There you will be able to read about the industry and its various job titles while also looking at the historical salary trends.

Once you know for sure what you want to do, you should take some time to update your resume so that it reflects your interests. For instance, if it’s your goal to obtain a career within the food service sector of the hospitality industry, you’ll want to make sure that your resume contains an objective statement that clearly indicates your interest in obtaining such a position. Also, make sure to include any previous hospitality or service oriented jobs that you’ve held in the past on your resume.

Utilize the Internet

Take some time to do an online search for local jobs in the hospitality industry. Most major employment websites will feature a section just for these jobs whereby you select “hospitality” and the geographic location wherein you wish to work. You will also find hospitality-specific employment websites (i.e. that feature job listings in this same way. While looking through these websites, you should also take the time to open an account and upload your resume so that recruiters will be able to review it whenever they’re looking for candidates for any openings that they may have. It’s also a good idea to move beyond job hunting websites and actually look at hospitality companies’ websites. Most of them will also have information about any employment opportunities that they may have available. As you work your way through these websites, make a list of the companies to whom you have applied so that you can look into them a bit more and tailor your resume to best fit their needs whenever possible.

Look At Schools with Hospitality Programs

Another place in which to search for jobs are schools that offer hospitality courses and degrees. This works especially well for those who have already graduated from such a school. In either case, simply request information about job openings within the hospitality field. Some schools will even offer a workshop for those who are interested in having them help find them a job within this industry.

Join Professional Networks

Join a professional network (i.e. The American Culinary Federation for chefs and cooks) as they won’t only be able to help you with networking and finding jobs but many of them also offer advanced certifications within specialized areas. They will also offer workshops and resources.

What is an average salary in Hospitality job?

What is an average salary in hospitality job? This is a big question considering just how many different types of jobs actually exist within this industry. Of course, the fact that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics believes that this industry is going to rapidly grow, adding another 2.2 million jobs to the workforce, also helps to make the salary all that much more competitive.

Earning In Hospitality Career
Salary Increase with Time

10 Lucrative and Growing Jobs

There are a lot of different jobs available within the hospitality sector. Of course, some of them are going to offer you better benefits than others. Here are some of the jobs you may wish to consider:
1. Hotel general managers are responsible for directing everything that’s involved with the operation and financial well-being of a property. While this takes a minimum of 2 years of training, you could make around $149,456.
2. Hotel clerks must take care of hotel guests. This requires 3 — 6 months of training and yields a salary of $19,710.
3. A meeting and convention planner is responsible for taking care of events of various sizes. They will need a year of training but will make $60,245 per year thereafter.
4. An executive chef is responsible for overseeing everything that takes place within his kitchen. As such, they will need to train for 4 years. They will then make $46,206 per year.
5. A gaming dealer is responsible for operating table games (i.e. craps, blackjack, roulette). They will need to graduate from high school or get their GED and either a certificate of training or a Bachelor’s degree within the hospitality field. Once employed, they can make $14,340 per year.
6. A reservation ticket agent answer inquiries and gives information about travelling. They will need to have a high school diploma or GED and some college coursework in business. Upon becoming employed they will make $27,750 per year.
7. Bellhops are responsible for escorting guests and their luggage to their room. This requires some short-term training that is usually received while on the job. They make $15,995 per year.
8. A concierge helps guests make restaurant reservations and travel arrangements to interesting tours throughout the area. This is another job wherein people will usually receive on the job training. They will usually make around $16,262 per year.
9. Maids do light cleaning throughout the hotel. There’s no special training necessary but there is a nice salary of $20,124 per year.


While many people have shied away from this industry over the years because they have believed that you’d need to work long hours for very little pay, you can clearly see this is no longer the truth. Instead, there are some great benefits (i.e. 6 figure incomes) available today. If there’s a job within the hospitality sector that is of interest to you but that hasn’t been listed here, you can always look for more information about it on the U.S. Labor website. Otherwise, you can now see that if you want to work in a vibrant, glamorous field, this might be right for you.

How Internships in the Hospitality Help to Shape better career

There are many fields where an internship is absolutely necessary to shape a better career. One of these fields is hospitality. Internships give you hands on experience in the field that you wish to go into. It is necessary to first ensure that you do want to go into the field. Secondly it offers experience while someone else is in the lead who can guide you through your potential future path. There are other factors involved when it comes to how internships in the hospitality help to shape better career endeavors.

Learning With Study
Learning With Study

One of the top reasons an internship is essential to ensuring a better career is that it gives you real work experience. By entering an internship with a company it offers firsthand experience in a professional hospitality environment. You are there to do menial jobs and to help when needed, but you are also there to gain work experience and see firsthand what goes on behind closed doors. It will truly off insight into your chosen career path so you can make a better decision when it comes to your career. It is also great experience to look at different options within the field of hospitality and choose which options are best for you and your career desires.

Another great opportunity that internships offer is the ability to network. Internships allow for the unique opportunity to attend events and meetings in the field. By being able to attend these meetings and interact with other professionals in the field you will have contacts when you graduate and are looking for work in your field. In addition you will learn how to communicate properly in a professional environment. Networking offers the chance at getting good references not only from those you interned with, but also those professionals you met during meetings and events.

Internships are essential when it comes to building a good resume. It can be difficult in this economy to find a good job. By having a strong resume that boasts internships you are more likely to get a position. Employers are more likely to hire those candidates that have internship experience, because it means that they have worked in the field in a professional environment.

Time management is essential for any job. By having an internship in your field you don’t even need to add time management to your resume, as you already have it based on your internship. Internships give hands-on experience in multi-tasking, meeting deadlines, and performing other internship related tasks.

There are many reasons that internships are invaluable experience. Internships offer you the ability to experience your future career path. An internship will make your resume stand out and make it stronger in comparison to other candidates, and it will also help you network in your field. Some fields require internships before allowing you to graduate, even if an internship is not required you should definitely consider one. Real world firsthand experience outweighs time in a classroom. By combining classroom experience with professional experience you are sure to excel in an internship and your field and ultimately be set up to find the most fulfilling career.

What are common types of the hospitality jobs

One of the main goals of the hospitality service is to provide people with great customer service. What are common types of the hospitality jobs in which this is necessary? Well, truth be told, there are a lot of different types of positions available. These positions are oftentimes found within hotels, restaurants, vacation destinations, and event planning services. Anyone who enjoys working with customers and being a part of the travel, tourism, and leisure activity market may discover that one of these jobs is “perfect” for them.

Choosing a Career
Choosing a Career

Hotel Jobs

One of the best places in which to find these jobs is the hotel industry. They will typically understand that it doesn’t matter how great their furnishings are, without an efficient, friendly staff, they aren’t going to be successful. As such, there are many different roles that need to be filled in hotels today, including those doing domestic work (i.e. housekeeping, concierge, receptionist) and those that are for people with more specialized skills (i.e. pool lifeguards, bartenders, daycare givers). If a hotel is located in either a good tourism or business market, you’re sure to find that they always have jobs available.

Restaurant Jobs

Restaurants are another great place to find a lot of hospitality related positions. Whenever a guest walks through their front door the restaurant needs to have a great greeter or hostess in place to set a friendly tone. From there, it’s important to have a good waiter or waitress interact with them throughout the meal while being polite and ready to help in any way. Fine dining restaurants are also in need of sommeliers, which is a wine expert who is able to recommend pairings, give details about the wine and even tell patrons about its history.

Tourism Jobs

Areas wherein there are a lot of tourists will have many jobs of various descriptions. If there are a lot of natural features within an area, then there will need to be experienced guides who can give tours, telling people about these natural wonders. On the other hand, theme parks have hundreds of different jobs available (everything from selling popcorn to dressing up like a cartoon character). Then there are also areas with casinos where everything from VIP concierge agents to dealers are needed.

Event Planning Jobs

Another major area in which there are a lot of jobs available is planning for events. Herein you can find jobs at catering companies, florists and even DJ services. You can also become either a party or a wedding planner. Entry-level jobs are available herein as well.


You may need to look at help wanted ads, both in the newspaper and online, and canvas local hospitality-based businesses (i.e. hotels) to find the right job for you. Of course, if you’re more interested in finding a travel oriented position or a job that requires special skills, the Internet is going to be the best place to search. If you do go online in search of a hospitality job, make sure to check the company’s main website too since they will oftentimes post job listings there as well.

Get a Job Faster with Hospitality Staffing Companies

If you have been unable to gain a position in the hospitality industry, you are not alone. Many people have a hard time finding employment and this is due to many factors, including economic instability and declining travelers.That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to give up searching for a job in the hospitality sector. There are actually plenty of jobs and opportunities in various positions. Hospitality staffing companies can help you gain employment and get you started on the path to your dream career.

Finding An Employment Option
Find a Job Online

How it Works

When you apply at a given company and you are accepted into the system, you will be given the opportunity to hone your skills via a number of tests and certification courses. The better you score on these tests, the better, as you may become a preferred candidate for any job openings. The companies work on your behalf to find jobs in your preferred area. Essentially, they act as the middlemen between you and the third party. There are various positions you can apply for, including banquet servers, bartenders, and housekeepers. These positions may be temporary or long-term.

Salary and Pay

While the company you end up working for will in fact be paying you, your check will be given to you by the staffing company. That is part of the reason they are so popular with the hospitality industry — the third party doesn’t have to worry about payroll and deductions. It’s all done for them. This benefits you as well since you can be assured of a steady pay check and you know who is going to pay you.

Help and Support

You will be given an unlimited amount of help and support along the way, from interview tips, to courses, to setting out a career path. When you do your best in any job capacity, it creates a win-win situation for everyone. Customers will be satisfied and will keep coming back; clients are happy and will continue to hire from the company; and you can take pride in knowing you’ve done a great job. You may even get a pay raise.

How to Apply

The first step is to map out a career path for yourself. Where do you see yourself in five years? What is your dream job? Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be written in stone, and you can certainly change your mind along the way; but it gives you a good starting point. Next, do some research online and find a company that offers training and placement opportunities for the position you’re looking for. Most companies will have you fill out an online application, and then will follow up with a phone call, and in-person interview.

Working in the hospitality industry can be an exciting career path and it is expected to grow in numbers over the next few years. That means huge opportunities for you if you partner with the right company and get the help and support right from the beginning. Your career will be on the fast track to success.

Introduction to the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality is a word we all know and recognize, and if you are wondering what is hospitality, its official meaning is defined as the relationship between host and guest. Good hospitality is important in restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and theme parks as well as on cruise ships and the term has become synonymous with the travel industry. However, if you have ever been a guest in someone’s home or had family to stay in yours, you have also experienced or practiced hospitality. Hospitality goes hand in hand with customer service and is basically about giving your guests a memorable experience, whether in a restaurant or hotel, or your spare bedroom, and ensuring that they will return. It isn’t a new concept; making sure that guests were happy and their every need catered for was important to the ancient Greeks, and many Celtic cultures.

In the US, the hospitality industry is one of the largest, employing almost 8 million people, in positions ranging from hotel housekeeper to cruise ship entertainer. One in every 17 people is employed in the hospitality industry in some way. In the US alone, the travel and transportation industries generate around 1.5 trillion dollars annually, with hotels and resorts, food services and air travel making up about 50 percent of this. Most income in the US hospitality and travel industry is generated by domestic travelers, although overseas visitors also spend billions of dollars every year on lodging, meals, transportation and entertainment.

One of the reasons it is important to offer outstanding hospitality is that the industry depends almost entirely on disposable income. Most people don’t have to stay in hotels, or visit resorts, restaurants and casinos and if they don’t have the extra money, they are reluctant to spend it. The overall state of the economy can have a significant income on hospitality industry revenues, as can the weather and threats of terrorism. There is also some truth in the fact that someone receiving good service in a hotel or restaurant will tell several people, while someone receiving poor service will tell a lot more people of their experience. In other words, word of mouth is important, and many places rely on repeat bookings. An unsold hotel room or an empty restaurant table is known in the industry as spoilage; once gone, it can never be sold again and airlines and hotels strive to have every seat and room filled.

Working in the industry can be challenging yet rewarding. There are literally hundreds of different jobs available, ranging from flight attendant to casino card dealer to restaurant dishwasher. Not all these jobs are especially well paid, and many people in the industry work the night shift, or on holidays and weekends. However, the benefits can often be good, including free or reduced rate hotel rooms, meals or air travel. Of course, you have to be a people person and you have to realize the importance of keeping the customer happy and making sure that he or she has a memorable and positive experience and will return.

Why Choose Hospitality As A Career Option?

The first questions that arises is why one should choose hospitality career. Hospitality as a career provides a rewarding alternative to traditional career options such as engineering, medicine, or, accounting, to name a few. It is a career that does not box you in rather, it allows you to shift, branch out and grow. Hospitality calls for a number of different talents including business savvy and artistic creativity. Besides, it allows you to build up your skills and interests and to get a position that matches to your own unique profile.

Hospitality, in the present scenario, has got global and international presence. It is one of the largest and dynamic industries in the world today. It offers a multitude of possibilities in an exciting field in which new areas are opening up every day. If you possess qualities such as creativity, energy, and entrepreneurial skills, then you’ll be able to reach at the top of your career in a very short span of time.

The hospitality industry includes a wide range of services such as entertainment, food, accommodation and recreation, etc. A qualification certificate from a recognized institution will equip you with the skills you need to work in the desired sector. The best thing about the hospitality sector is that as you acquire new skills and knowledge — you can work across the world in any number of hospitality establishments.

Tourism is considered as a country’s core pillar of growth, as it brings in foreign investment, foreign earnings and consumer spending, to name a few. The government is paying extra attention to the hospitality sector, as it has got the potential to stimulate jobs both in urban and rural areas. That’s the reason why, skilled professionals from hospitality field are in great demand.

Hospitality is considered as a resilient industry. Everybody knows the consequence of the economic downturns, but the hospitality business is not affected by the same. It shows steady growth, as there is no significant change in the number of tourists making trips to foreign countries. Tourism and hospitality industry is growing steadily and contributing substantially in a country’s gross domestic product.

People in the hospitality business are making huge money — whether it’s from a salaried job or working for a restaurant or hotel. It is one of the best industries for hospitality graduates to enter. They can run a resort, interact with foreign travelers and much more. Hospitality is closely associated with creativity, as you are required to think new ways to ensure that people buy your products and enjoy the experience you are offering to them.

One of the attractions of working in the hospitality industry is that you get a chance to travel the world, meet different people, know their culture, and many more. Besides, you get paid for it. It is really exciting to experience exotic, far-flung spots in all day’s work. So, choosing a hospitality career is not only rewarding, but full of excitement, and thrill. There are many institutions offering hospitality courses, search their websites and do a comprehensive research before joining any one of them. Get yourself ready for an exciting career endeavor.

Characteristics of Quality Hospitality Degree Programs

Students who have a passion to pursue a degree in hospitality and have the self-discipline and ambition to take advantage of the opportunity provided by these programs can be very successful. There are two-year associate programs; four-year bachelors and graduate level programs for those interested in a service industry related career. A wealth of professional and management opportunities are available for individuals that complete a degree program related to the hospitality industries. Positions with food service, hotel and casinos, real estate, concierge, and travel are possible for those completing coursework.

In the competitive global economy pursuing career education in a specific field is a beneficial approach to improving the prospects of employment. The service industry has typically been a viable employment option in many geographic regions, but especially those with high rates of tourism. The best schools with successful graduates should be considered as one decides to pursue an education in this field. Selecting a degree program that fits with an aspiring professional interests and specialization will improved the chances of an ideal fit with student and institution.

Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration, the School of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University, and the University of Nevada Las Vegas William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration are consistently ranked among the best schools for hospitality degree. A hospitality degree program graduate’s ability to gain employment, access to alumni networks and positive global reputation are some characteristics of a quality program. Recent graduates from Cornell University’s program reported an employment rate of eighty-nine percent after graduation. Michigan State’s alumni network numbers over ten thousand and is represented in every segment of the hospitality industry. Over twenty-five percent of the students at UNLV’s Hotel Administration program come from outside of the United States. The alumni network for the institution is well over eleven thousand who maintain significant industry positions throughout the world.

The global nature of the hospitality industry dictates that some international experience will create a well-rounded professional and more attractive employment candidate. This international experience can be obtained through an entire program or a more brief study abroad program. Florida International University and the University of Houston and other quality degree programs provide these opportunities. FIU’s Chaplin School Hotel Management has a rigorous program of study for the students enrolled. All are required to work one thousand hours in the industry and also complete three hundred hours in an advanced internship. The Chaplin School touts a one hundred percent placement rate for its graduates. The U of H’s Conrad N. Hilton College offers several study abroad and international programs. The length of the programs offered through the Conrad H. Hilton College last from two weeks up to an entire semester, depending on your availability and interest.

The programs and institutions included in this article demonstrate several options for those seeking a degree in the hospitality field. However this list in not exhaustive of all the schools that offers hospitality programs. Several additional programs exist and finding the best option based on student need, finances, and desired professional outcome are available. Conducting a detailed search of the educational options will increase your prospects for success and program completion.

Hospitality Management in Focus

Typically, hospitality management (HM) relates to the running of a company that offers accommodation and food. Examples include casinos, hotels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants and resorts. This sector is intrinsically linked to tourism, because tourism is involved with holiday destinations and travelling methods. Similarly, HM concentrates on the destinations themselves, and what people do once they arrive. Those who wish to pursue a career in this sector might choose to enroll in a specialized educational course, so they will stand out to employers.

Job Demands and Entry Points

The hospitality sector is varied and extensive. Whenever people go travelling, visit the cinema, book a hotel, eat out or partake in similar pursuits, they are doing business with industry suppliers. It is a demanding task to manage these establishments, because managers have to be sufficiently versatile to predict and cater to a broad range of requirements. Also, they have to oversee tasks like staff training, dealing with employees and maintaining standards.

Many people follow HM careers by starting at the bottom and working their way up. They obtain experience in menial roles, prior to gaining promotion into more senior positions. Eventually, they will be made managers. For those who intend to work for the same company all their lives, this is a wise approach. Staff who do this learn all about the intricacies of the companies that employ them. This gives them a good insight into the work required in every department, to run an organisation like a popular resort.

What are the Major Role in the Hospitality Management.

This type of profession does not suit everyone. Those who pursue HM jobs require outstanding customer service ability. They have to be firm as well, because managers have to lay down and enforce clear rules and guidelines for staff. Moreover, it is crucial to have the ability to highlight and pre empt requirements – whether it’s making preparations for when important guests arrive, or arranging food orders for restaurants. Those who can react fast on the spur of the moment, who enjoy dealing with people, and who like problem solving are a good fit for this occupation.

The Benefits of Education

Those who opt for specialized training can enroll in a relevant certification program, a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree. This training will prepare students to enter management roles straightaway. It teaches students about every aspect of the industry, from coping with natural disasters to payment processing software. Frequently, people who complete these courses gain employment immediately, and earn a decent salary from the start – particularly if they study at a reputable college.

It is difficult to overstate the significance of leadership skills for modern hospitality managers. Ever since the global recession, people have tended to travel less and competition for their patronage has intensified. This is where managers with good leadership skills can make all the difference to an organisation. Both business acumen and interpersonal skills are required to gain a competitive edge, and capable managers will possess both.