Best Hospitality Schools in the United States

The hospitality industry is currently prospering. The increase in the number of tourists as well as the boom in the country’s tourism gave rise to the demand for professionals in this particular field. Landing a job in the hospitality industry can be very hard since you are going to compete with many job applicants who have the same credentials.

Learning With Study
Learning With Study

In order to stand out from the job applicant pool, you must build up and develop your resume. Find the best hospitality schools that can educate you with the right knowledge and skills that are appropriate for any kind of job in the hospitality industry.

Getting the Best Hospitality Training Program

What makes a hospitality school great? How can a student determine if a certain school will help him or her jump start his or her career in the hospitality sector? The best hospitality schools are able to train their students on how the hospitality industry works. They provide classroom training as well as hands-on experience in order to expose the students to the different dynamics of a career in hospitality or tourism.

Some of the best schools that provide extensive hospitality training and immersion include the following:

Cornell University, School of Hotel Administration.

Cornell University offers a degree in hospital administration for students who want to have a fulfilling career in the hotel industry. The Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research ranked it as the number one hospitality school in the world because of its extensive curriculum as well as valuable internship programs.

Michigan State University, School of Hospitality Business

According to the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research Michigan State University’s School of Hospitality Business is ranked as the third best hospitality school in the world. It is one of the oldest hospitality schools that provide the best hospitality programs, which involve hospitality real estate business and hospitality business development.

University of Nevada, William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration

There is no doubt that Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the largest tourism spots in the world. Therefore, it is only appropriate that one of the best hospitality schools is found there. This hospitality school provides valuable internship programs and trainings in the world according to the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research.

Farleigh Dickinson University, International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Princeton Review’s Gourman Report ranked this school as the top-15 hospitality programs out of the 200 hospitality schools in the country. It offers a four-year hospitality management course to students who are interested in a career in the hospitality industry. Its Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies course enables its students to concentrate in hospitality management. This program also allows the students to learn everything about the various hospitality curriculum basics.

Virginia Tech, Pamplin College of Business

Virginia Tech’s Pamplin College of Business is home to the institution’s Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management. It offers various comprehensive courses that require students to spend 400 hours of internship as well as professional experience. The college was able to produce many world-renowned scholars, hotel managers as well as resort general managers.

University of Massachusetts Amherst, Isenberg School of Management

University of Massachusetts Amherst’s Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management offers one of the oldest hospitality programs in the world. Princeton Review’s Gourman Report ranked it as the fourth hospitality management program out of the 200 schools in the country. The university’s program includes various on-campus and online bachelor’s degree programs. Students can choose from its wide array of degree programs such as lodging management, food and beverage management, club management, casino management, and tourism convention and events management.

Pennsylvania State University, School of Hospitality Management

Penn State’s School of hospitality Management requires its students to render a total of 1,000 hours of hands-on experience in any hospitality industry-related companies or establishments. There is an average of 100 companies that visit the university in order to recruit students into their internship programs. It is one of the best schools in the country because of its wide international network that opens many employment opportunities for its students.

Washington State University, School of Hospitality Business Management

Washington State University’s hospitality management program enables students to learn various functions that are needed in the hospitality industry. Students are trained in the managerial, service, organizational, technical, operational and financial aspects of the hospitality business.

University of Central Florida, Rosen College of Hospitality Management

 Florida is considered as one of the world’s top tourist destinations. The Rosen College of Hospitality Management is the perfect school for students who want to have a career in this type of industry. They do not have to look far for internship opportunities because Florida is home to the best theme parks, golf courses and hotels in the world.

The best schools for hospitality management are usually found in areas that are considered as tourist destinations. These hospitality schools are known for their wide-ranging training programs that will help students have a fulfilling career in the hospitality management industry.


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