A Complete Guide To Hotel Manager Career

Running a large hotel is not easy. A small hotel can house as many as 25 guests per day and these guests have to be catered to hand and foot. This means giving them a feel of home away from home by providing clean clothing, clean bedding, good food, and every amenity possible. This means that an average hotel easily has more than 20 staff working to create the perfect relaxed ambiance you experience at a hotel.

Select a Hospitality  Career
Select a Hospitality Career

Although every department has its own job, a hotel manager coordinates all these departments. Simply put, a supervising manager has his finger in every pie making the hotel a success of a disaster. Career-wise, what is a hotel general manager and what are the job prospects? Being a hotel manager is an excellent post. Candidates can easily earn in the high thousands provided they have the necessary skills for the position. The main sticking point here is expertise. Small hotels may house more than a thousand guests and all of them expect the best service. As a result, the hotel manager has to manage the day-to-day activities in reception along with any inventory control, accounting, backlogs, etc. that involved in the hotel. The job usually requires extensive budgeting and financial skills, planning and organizing skills, front office or customer service skills, food and beverage management and housekeeping management. In larger hotels, the job may be divided into several sub managers working under a superior to ensure optimum work flow. It is also the job of the hotel manager to encourage workers and get them to deliver the best in guest service and presentation.

Educational requirements

At entry-level, managerial candidates may be required to have a culinary degree along with a hotel and hospitality management degree. Candidates with business management degrees, travel and tourism degrees or even an accounting degree may be accepted in to sub-managerial positions in charge of individual units like management, guest travel arrangement, hotel accounts, etc. These candidates specialize in sub units and with on-the-job experience; they may be promoted to head manager positions. However, candidates with on-the-job experience are also considered valuable assets for direct promotion. A post-graduate qualification is not normally necessary but it will increase your chances of a promotion.

Job Requirements

Candidates will require a few necessary skills like 1. Ability to think clearly and manage people with different personalities 2. Logistical management skills 3. Professional manner, patience, guest management skills 4. Excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills, and considerably energy to manage a hotel 24-7

Typical salaries and job outlook

Typical salaries can range anywhere from $47,960 to about $99,720 every year. However, this salary can easily double or triple depending on responsibility, hotel reputation, guests, etc. job prospects are also excellent with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting a hike in vacancies of almost 22%. Vacancies are available in restaurants, bars, hotels, pubs, B&Bs etc. and candidates can also specialize in fields like housekeeping management, accounting and inventory, concierge, reservations and travel arrangements for guests, etc. The salary for each specialization will vary depending on skill and responsibilities. As a result, this is a great time to get into the profession and establish a career.

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